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Episode 1 Exercise

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The Christmas Special

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Member of Suicidal Industry

Croc is one of the main characters in the Puppets. He is green with yellow spikes along his back and tail. He has a deep voice. He doesn't say much other than sentences with the word 'Suicide' in them, until episode 4 of Series 1. He is a member of Suicidal Industry and is found annoying by many of the people in the village.

Croc's Life Edit

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Croc's early life, but an episode in Series 2 is called Croc's Past, so you can guess we find out what happened in Croc's past then. Croc moved to the village several years before the Puppets series began. Croc also joined Suicidal Industry, but whenever he tries to commit suicide he always fails.

In Episode 2, Judy tells us about her and Punch's Wedding. It is revealed that Croc used to have a weird afro. He walked Judy down the aisle, standing in for Judy's dad.

Exercise Edit

In Episode 1, Croc interupted Red's music video 'Exercise' three times, asking 'Do you Mean Suicide?'. On the third occasion Red got very annoyed and threw Croc off stage.

In Episode 2, Red tells us about Croc committing Suicide all the time and failing, and that he always likes to take someone with him. Croc then grabs Red and sets off his bombs, which throws them offstage.

The Dinosaur Edit

In Episode 3, Croc smells blood, but realises that it couldn't have been him as he didn't kill anybody. Croc realises it must be someone else from Suicidal Industry. It turns out that Judy had been killed a Dinosaur. Woody and Red are also later killed.

In Episode 4, Croc enters telling 'Tumbleweed' to shut up. Croc then see's a red hood on Red's body. He then calls for Policeman, saying that he knows who the murderer is. Although it isn't revealed in the episode how the red hood solved the mystery, I can tell you that Croc saw the red hood and remembered that Percy owns it, that Percy is usually seen in the bar where Suicidal Industry have meetings, so this lead Croc to think it could be one of the 3 members of Suicidal Industry, it couldn't be him, so it must be the Dinosaur.

Croc then sings a song about Suicidal Industry. He then tells Percy to change scene, Percy then drags props on, as Croc and the Director have a conversation about why we shouldn't be watching the scene being set up. Croc then sees a mouse, who Croc chases. When Croc catches the mouse, we find out that its the head of suicidal industry and they are 2 of the 3 remaining members, they can't suicide sucessfully. Croc asks where the Dinosaur, who killed the people in the village, is and Mousy tells him that it will be in the Bar. Croc finds the Dinosaur but it attacks him, Percy then attacks the Dinosaur and knocks it out. Croc and Policeman then argue about who should claim credit for catching the Dinosaur.