This phrase is often followed by 'Absolutely Nothing, I'll just move on'. It is Policeman's famous phrase, which he first says in Episode 2 of the Puppets, and it is the first words he says in the series.

Appearances Edit

The Past Edit

Policeman has always used this phrase, ever since he became a Policeman. In the flashback sequence in Episode 2, Policeman appears and says the phrase, before Punch appears.

The Present Edit

In Episode 4, Policeman enters and says this phrase followed by 'Absolut- ooh three dead people' when he notices Red, Woody and Judy dead. Punch tells him that he's supposed to be in charge of the whole investigation and Policeman leaves.

When Policeman enters the bar for a second time he says 'Ello Ello Ello, what's going on here? Ooh yeah I've just been here'.

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