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(In the version that appeared in the Puppets) Croc, Judy, Punch

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The Village Fete

Exercise is a song written and sung by Red in the Puppets.

Information Edit

This is Red's first song, which she sang for Sport Relief. Her music video for the song was wrecked by Punch, Judy, Croc and Granny in the first episode of the Puppets, Exercise. She also sings the song in episode 5 at the Village Fete and to repel the disease-carriers in The Disease Of Med-Rare

Lyrics (As Heard in the Puppets) Edit

Ooooh Oooh

Exercise, Exercise

Yeah it's Exercise

Lets get ready for star jump!

Oh yeah

Star jump! Oh yeah!

Star Jump! Star jump! Star-ar jump!

Oh yeah it's exercise!

Star jump!

Croc: Do you mean Suicide?

Go Away!

Exercise, Exercise

Rugby, Cricket, American Footballlllllllll all all all all


Croc: Do You Mean Suicide?

Go Away!

I don't mean Suici-i-ide

I mean ex-exerci-i-ise



Croc: Do You Mean Suicide?

GO AWAY! Just Go! Yeah!

Ah, that felt so good

Throwing as well, you gotta be strong.

Exercise, Exercise.

Now running around all day like a horse is not what you really need,

No No!

More lyrics coming soon....

Exercise (Official Signal) Edit

Coming soon...

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