First Appearance

Episode 1 Exercise

Last Apperance

The Christmas Special

Famous Phrase

It's the idiotic woman who married my husband Punch!





Granny is one of the main characters in the Puppets and she is the only character, except Policeman, to have an unknown name. Granny is Punch's mum and she dissaproves of his marriage to Judy. She has often said a strange phrase 'It's the idiotic woman who married my husband Punch', but Punch isn't her husband, he can't be, can he?

Granny's Life Edit

Early Life Edit

Very little is known about Granny's early life, except that she gave birth to Punch. Granny and Punch moved to the village, where Granny met Policeman, who she began to fancy. Punch met Judy, who Granny disliked. In episode 2 of series 1 Judy reveals what happened when she got married to Punch. Before the Wedding Granny and Judy had a fight. Granny later told Punch he can't marry that evil lady, to which Punch told Policeman 'Mum's are always like this'.

Exercise Edit

In Episode 1 Exercise, Granny appeared at the end, hiding behind Judy, who turned around to see her. Granny then said 'It's the idiotic woman who married my husband Punch', to which Judy didn't really understand. Granny and Judy then got into a fight which Granny won.

In Episode 2, Granny said 'Oh no its the evil lady who married my Punch' as Judy appeared, Granny then exitted quickly. When Woody arrived at the village he asked Policeman whether there were any hot babes around, to which Policeman said 'Granny'. Granny then appeared and took Policeman offstage.

Judy's Dead! Edit

In episode 3, Judy is killed by a Dinosaur and her body is found by Punch. When Punch tells Granny she's dead, Granny is happy and sings 'Ding Dong Judy's Dead!' Punch asks if it was Granny, who tells him off and slaps him. She tells him that she should take Judy to Policeman, as she likes Policeman. Punch replies that he wants to take Judy as she was his wife. Granny then says it would be best just to bury her and not bother everyone, so Punch takes offence and leaves Granny, who doesn't seem to care.