First Appearance

Episode 1 Exercise

Last Regular Appearance

The Christmas Special

Famous Phrase

'I'm going through a mid-life crisis'


Punch, (She likes Woody



Judy is one of the main characters in the Puppets. She has a posh voice, and she can be flirtatious. She first appeared in episode 1 of Series 1 of the Puppets. She is married to Punch and her son is Woolfy. Her favourite phrase is 'I'm going through a mid-life crisis'.

Judy's Life Edit

Early Life Edit

Not much about Judy's early life is known except that she moved to the Village, where she met Punch, who soon proposed to her. In the flashback sequence in episode 2, Granny tells Judy that she can't marry Punch so they have a fight. Judy then interupts a conversation between Policeman and Punch saying 'I'm going through a mid-life crisis'. At the Wedding, Croc stands in for Judy's Dad and takes her down the aisle as the wedding march is played. Red later objects and gets into a fight with Judy, but Croc grabs Red and throws them both offstage. Judy later gives birth to Woolfy, who strangely looks like a wolf.

Exercise Edit

In Episode 1 of Series 1, Exercise, Judy wanted to appear in Red's music video, but Red wouldn't let her. Judy got annoyed at this and was even more annoyed when Red started insulting Judy in her song, by calling her fat and ugly. Judy then dragged Red off stage and started to insult Red, before Granny turned up. Granny said 'It's that idiotic woman who married my husband Punch', to which Judy got annoyed at, not really knowing what Granny was talking about. Granny and Judy then got into a fight, which Granny won.

In Episode 2 Judy says she will tell us a story, when Woolfy interupts her saying 'How I was born!' Judy replies maybe later... never. Judy says she will tell us how she married Punch, who then appears and Judy scarpers. Later on Judy brings us back in time to her Wedding. After the flashback Judy and Punch kiss.

Judy's apparent Death Edit

In Episode 3, the Murders, Woody sings a song, which Judy first finds annoying, but she ends up snogging him at the end of it. Judy drops him off stage, as he says 'I think I'm gonna faint'. The Dinosaur then appears and Judy mistakens it for Croc's Brother. The Dinosaur then attacks Judy, which creates comedy as Judy says 'What have I ever done to you, except hit you a couple of times in this fight' and 'Get off my hand, you don't know where it's been'. Judy is killed and Red finds her body. She is happy that Judy is dead and sings 'Ding Dong Judy's Dead!' Judy's body is later found by Punch, who isn't sure whether Judy is dead at first, asking her if the blood is to turn him on. At the end Judy is left with Red and Woody, who have also been killed by the Dinosaur.

In Episode 4, Croc and Policeman catch the Dinosaur and it turns out that Judy wasn't actually dead, just in a deep sleep, as were Red and Woody. This was probably caused by the Dinosaur's terriblly bad breath. Judy appears as a dead body at the beginning of the episode, but at the end is celebrating with Woolfy and Punch.