Series 1 Episode 4 Suicidal Industry


Head of Suicidal Industry

Mousy is the Head of Suicidal Industry, who appears in Episode 4 of Series 1 of the Puppets. Mousy is one of the three remaining members of Suicidal Industry, they are known as the three whonever commit suicide successfully, the others being Croc and the Dinosaur. Mousy currently lives in the Carribbean, it is not known whether Suicidal Industry has been continued since he moved there.

The Bar Edit

In Episode 4, Mousy is at the Bar, where he regularly meets Suicidal Industry members. He runs away from Croc when he sees him, but then answers Croc's questions. Mousy tells Croc that the Dinosaur is at the Bar and when Croc finds the Dinosaur, it attacks him, but Percy knocks it out. Mousy is happy that the Dinosaur is going to prison, but decides that he's going to the Carribbean saying 'Yes! Holiday!' Whether Mousy decided to run Suicidal Industry from there, or whether he decided to close the company is unknown.