The New Puppets Series was based on an idea by Paul and Seb, as a new HD camera and new software brought new possibilities to the Puppets World and they decided to start afresh. Other possible names for the series could be The Puppets Outcasts or The All New Puppets! It was decided that calling it Series 2 could cause confusion, as the whole series is based in a different reality to that of the original Puppets Series.


  • Punch - Based on the original character, but from a different background.
  • Judy - Based on the original character, but again, from a different background.
  • Croc - Based on the original character, but he has an obsession with blood and eating people, is referred to as a mutant crocodile, and is not obsessed with suicide.
  • Red - Based on the original character, from a different background, but Percy is still her Uncle and she has completely failed in the world of music, rather than doing quite well.
  • Woody - Based on the original character, as of yet, we do not know if Policeman is his Uncle.
  • Granny - Based slightly on original character, but she's from a different background and she's very smelly.
  • Percy - Based on the original character, although it is actually stated he is an alcoholic.
  • Woolfy - Based on the original character, but from a different background. He first appears in Episode 3.
  • Policeman - Unknown how he will be portrayed, probably based on the original character, unknown what episode he shall return in.
  • Giraffe and Zebra - Shall be appearing, unknown how they will be portrayed or when they shall appear.


Episode 1 will introduce Punch, Judy, Croc, Red, Woody, Granny and Percy to the series.

Episode 2 will feature the Puppets building more houses for the village, with worries for Red

Episode 3 will feature the naming of the village and the introduction of Woolfy

Other than these, no episodes have been decided and the number of episodes in the series haven't been decided either. There have been talks on an episode crossover with the original series, and one with Granny becoming a fortune teller. The final of the Series will definately feature Policeman, as the owner of the land the village and woods are in, attempts to evict them.


Like the original Series, the New Puppet Series will feature music, with the characters, especially Red, singing songs. There is a new theme tune titled 'The Puppets Theme', which is based on the song 'Teddy Bears Picnic'. Episode 1 will feature 'I wanna be a popstar' sung by Red, and Episode 2 will feature 'Owning Granny' again sung by Red.