Pleasant to Peasant


Pleasant to Pleasant

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I Kissed Woody
Big Big World
And The Village Fete

Previous Album

The Puppets Soundtrack

Next Album

The Puppets Soundtrack Series 2

Red's first album is called peasant to pleasant, it will have old and new songs on it and it will be written and sung by Red, with guest appearances from Woody and Judy.

Tracklist Edit

  1. Exercise (Sport Relief Song)
  2. The Village Fete feat. Judy
  3. The World is Ending (Version 2)
  4. I Kissed Woody feat. Woody
  5. Womanizer
  6. A Local Girl
  7. Big Big World
  8. The Fear
  9. Peasant To Pleasant
  10. Yeah It's the Puppets
  11. All I Want For Christmas
  12. Bonus Track: The World is Ending (Original)

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