First Appearance

Series 1 Episode 4 Suicidal Industry

Last Appearance to Date

The Christmas Special




Niece - Red

Percy is a recurring character in the Puppets. He first appears in the Series 1 episode Suicidal Industry. Percy is Red's Uncle, and he has appeared in 4 episodes of the Puppets to date. His hobbies include getting drunk and flying.

Percy's Life Edit

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Percy's early life, but he has a sister (or a brother), who had a child called Red in America. Red returned to the village where Percy lived. If he did live in the village ten years before the series is based, then he was not friends with Judy or Punch as he didn't attend their wedding.

Red is Dead? Edit

In Episode 3 of Series 1, Red is killed by a Dinosaur. In Episode 4 Percy appears at her funeral and he drops a red hood on her saying it's for sentimental reasons. He later appears dragging on props, while Croc and the Director say that we shouldn't be seeing this bit and that the camera should be turned off, while the scene change happens. When Croc is attacked by the Dinosaur, Percy knocks it out by jumping on it. Percy is happy that Red did not really die and thinks it is a nice idea that Red leaves her hood with the Dinosaur, but Red then takes her hood back at the end.