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Punch is one of the main characters in the Puppets. His mum is Granny, his son is Woolfy and he is married to Judy. Punch has a strange voice, which Zebra shares. Punch is often found annoying by other characters. Punch first appeared in Episode 1 of Series 1 of the Puppets.

Punch's Life Edit

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Punch's early life, except that he was born to Granny. They then moved to the Village, where Punch met Judy, who he fell in love with. In Episode 2 in the flashback sequence it is revealed that Punch proposed to Judy and they were soon to be married. Granny disapproved as she didn't like Judy. Punch got Policeman to be the Vicar at his wedding. The Wedding went smoothly until Red objected saying that she loved Punch, but Croc grabbed her and threw them both offstage. Judy and Punch later had a son called Woolfy, who looks strangely like a wolf.

Exercise and RedEdit

In Episode 1, Punch turned up in Red's music video. Red, who was micking tennis while singing about it, accidentally whacked Punch in the face. She was surprised and annoyed to find Punch interupting her music video, so she put him in a headlock, then slapped him. Punch then stupidly pushed Red, who super-slapped him, knocking him off stage.

In Episode 2 of Series 1, Judy revealed that she would tell us how she married her annoying husband Punch, when Punch appeared Judy scarpered. When Red appeared Punch scarpered. After Judy told us about the Wedding, Punch and Judy continued there kiss from the end of the flashback scene.

The Murders Edit

In Episode 3, Judy is murdered by a Dinosaur. Punch finds Judy's body but thinks she is trying to turn him on with the rotting and bloody smell. When he realises she's dead he is very sad. When he tells Granny Judy's dead, Granny sings 'Ding Dong Judy's Dead!' which Punch is offended by. Granny wants to take Judy to Policeman, as she loves Policeman, but Punch won't let him. Granny then says they shouldn't bother anyone and just bury Judy. Punch is disgusted at Granny and leaves, but Granny doesn't care. Punch later meets up with Woolfy, who has found Red and Woody dead. Punch and Woolfy wonder what's going to happen as they hug and cry.

In Episode 4, Punch appears at the beginning and tells us that its the funeral of the great Judy and Woody and the not-so-great Red. Punch and Granny make up, although Granny tells him 'I may have influenced a person... sort of... that didn't kill...' When it turns out that none of them actually died, Punch is seen celebrating at the end with Judy and Woolfy.