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Red is one of the main characters in the Puppets. She has an annoying american accent, but her accent turns english in episode 6 of Series 1, although she stills sings with her old voice.

Red's Life Edit

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Red's early life, except that she grew up in America. She moved to the village where she met Punch and Granny. In Episode 2's flashback sequence, Red asked Granny if she could marry Punch, to which Granny replied 'Your far too young, maybe later' yet she didn't want Judy to marry Punch at all. Red objected at Judy and Punch's Wedding, where she expressed her love for Punch before getting into a fight with Judy. Croc ended up throwing Red offstage.

Exercise Edit

Red appears as the main character in the first episode of series 1 Exercise. In the episode she sings a song about exercise for Sport relief. She says this is her Exercise music video, but she is interupted by Croc and, in a fit of rage, she throws him off stage. Judy wants to feature in the video too, but Red tells her to go away. Punch then appears and Red accidentally whacks him as she is singing about tennis. Punch annoys Red and she attacks him, with her super-slap. Red then goes on to sing about Judy and how fat and ugly she is. Red is then grabbed and pulled offstage by Judy. Red appears at the end of the episode crying because her music video went wrong.

In Episode 2 Red enters, so Punch and Woolfy quickly exit. Red then tells us about Croc committing suicide and taking someone with him, before Croc enters and lets off his bomb. Judy tells us how she and Punch got married and Red is seen moaning at the dn of the episode, that she should have married Punch. She then spots Woody and they walk off together, Red saying she's glad she didn't marry Punch now.

Red gets Murdered! Edit

In Episode 3, Red finds Judy's dead body and is very happy as she sings 'Ding Dong Judy's Dead'. When Woody appears Red decides she wants to blame Croc, but when they pick Judy up to take her to Policeman, Woody cuts his hand on Judy's blouse and they exit. Punch later finds the body, and when Red sees him with it, she presumes he killed her, but she still wants to blame Croc. When Woody returns he is attacked by the Dinosaur which killed Judy. Red finds Woody dead and tries to bring him back, when the Dinosaur appears and attacks her. Red Super-slaps it, to no affect and Red is injured by the Dinosaur. Red struggles on stage, but the Dinosaur throws Woody's body on top of her, leaving Red dead.

In Episode 4, Percy appears at Red's funeral and leaves a hood on her for sentimental reasons. Red later appears alive, wearing the hood, Policeman takes it off and Red says 'Ok so it was me, I decided not to die, I just put a prop of myself, I mean I can never die'. It is revealed that Woody, Judy and Red had been asleep. The Dinosaur is defeated by Percy and Red leaves her hood on the Dinosaur's body so that when it wakes up it will know she killed it, which doesn't make sense as it isn't dead and Percy killed it. Red then grabs her hood back deciding against her idea.