The Puppets Series 2

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8 (None published)

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Series 2 of the Puppets was due for release in July - October 2009, but the camera that was used to film the puppets stopped working and the first completed episode was lost when the computer with it on.... died. However, the Puppets Series 2 may be released as an audio series.

Synopsis Edit

In Series 2 The Dinosaur returns to wreak havoc and so does Red, to sing at a concert. Judy returns in her adventures in heaven with a new friend in episode 1 - a cow, which Punch accidentally kills. Punch, Woolfy, Croc, Giraffe, Zebra, Percy and Policeman all appear throughout the series. Woody returns for his next 'visit' halfway through the series. The whole town are almost hypnotised and Granny's twin comes home from America.

Series 2 Cast Edit

Punch: voiced by Zebdeesvids - in every episode.

Woolfy: Voiced by Paul - in every episode

Policeman: Voiced by Paul - in every episode

Croc: Voiced by Zebdeesvids - in every episode

Giraffe: Voiced by Paul - in most episodes

Red: Voiced by Zebdeesvids - in episodes 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8

Judy: Voiced by Paul - in every episode up in heaven, and on Earth in episode 8.

Zebra: Voiced by Zebdeesvids - in most episodes.

Woody: Voiced by Zebdeesvids - in Episode 5, 7 and 8

Percy: Voiced by Zebdeesvids - in most episodes.

Pluto: Voiced By Zebdeesvids - in most episode, now police dog of Policeman.

Granny: Voiced by Zebdeesvids - in some episodes up in heaven, and in episode 8 on Earth.

Granny's Twin: Unknown who would voice - makes some brief cameos, but appears properly in episode 7 and 8

Minnie: Voiced by Zebdeesvids - Guest Stars in Episode 4/5

The Dinosaur Thing - Appears in Episode 2, and its ancestor appears in Episode 7/8

Series 2 Episodes Edit

Although Series 2 will not happen, here are the details of the Series with the details of what was to happen in each episode of the Series.

Episode 1 Concert Killer - Red returns to sing at concert, Judy has fun with a cow in heaven and Zebra is approached by a creepy guy. Policeman and Croc work out something is going on and eventually they work out Zebra has placed a bomb under the stage, under instructions from someone saying that the bomb will make good things happen and unfortunately Zebra is stupid.

Episode 2 The Weird Thing - The Dinosaur returns and uses skinsuits to pose as Judy and Punch, and Croc and so to attack Policeman, but Red, who is still about, and the others stop the Dinosaur, who reveals he is acting under instructions.

Episode 3 Croc's Past - Croc's past is revealed, as he tells his life story. Little of this episode was planned.

Episode 4 Evil Mouse - Minnie returns, out for revenge, again with help from someone else. She hypnotises members of the village and takes it over by the end of the episode.

Episode 5 Zombie Town - Minnie plans to kill the hypnotised village members, and the remaining villagers, who have contacted Woody and Red, try to stop her.

Episode 6 Time Machine - Someone was to uncover Punch's time machine, and Red is sent back in time, but becomes stranded.

Episode 7 Granny's Twin - Punch buys a video recorder. Granny's twin turns up in the village, horrified that Granny was killed. It turns out Granny's twin has been trying to kill everyone in the village after she thinks they killed Granny, it is revealed she is the root of all the problems over the series, and she locked Red in the past. Red, meanwhile, is stuck fighting dinosaurs in the past, where she meets the Dinosaur thing's ancestor. The episode ends here, with Punch about to get killed by Granny's Twin.

Episode 8 Get Her Out! - Granny and Judy come down from heaven to stop Granny's twin, but Granny and her twin keep missing each other. In the end Granny's evil twin is killed, and Granny and Judy ascend to heaven, while Punch and Croc manage to fix Punch's time machine and goes back in time to save Red. Punch then records Judy on his camera, before she leaves, and then she becomes stuck in his TV, where he puts the video.

The Future - Before the camera broke, it was planned that Judy would appear in the TV throughout Series 3, with her eventually coming back to life later in the Series. Red and Woody would both return throughout the Series, but no stories were properly planned. Granny, meanwhile, was stuck in heaven for the time being.