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Suicidal Industry

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Suicidal Industry Sung by Croc

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Introduction Edit

Suicidal Industry is the 4th Episode of the Puppets Series 1. It has the first appearance of Percy and the only appearance of Mousy. It is the second part of a double episode, the first part being 'The Murders'. This episode is also split into two parts. The name Suicidal Industry comes from the company that Croc is a member of and the song that he sings.

Cast Edit

Punch - Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Woolfy - Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Policeman - Voiced by Paul

Croc - Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Granny - Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Red - Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Mousy - Voiced by Paul

The Dinosaur - Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Percy - Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Judy (Cameo) - Voiced by Paul

Woody - Only appeared Dead

The Story Edit

Part 1 Edit

The Story starts with 'The Puppets Ha!' Red, Woody and Judy's bodies are lying on the floor, when Punch enters telling us we are at their funeral. Policeman then enters saying 'Ello, Ello, Ello, what's going on here? Absolut- Ooh Three dead people'. Punch tells him he's supposed to be in charge of the whole investigation and Policeman leaves. Woolfy then enters crying and Punch and Woolfy hug. Woolfy leaves, and Punch realises Woolfy has the same ears as Judy and he then says 'I must have slept with her'. Granny then appears saying she's so sorry, and that she didn't mean any harm. Granny says she had nothing to do with it, but she says 'I may have influenced a person, sort of, that didn't kill...'

A parrot then enters and tells us he's called Percy. He places a red hood on Red's body, telling us its for sentimental reasons. The strange wind then blows and Croc appears telling 'Tumbleweed!' to shut up. Croc says 'Suicide! Wait I cant suicide dead people'. He spots the red hood and calls Policeman, who asks what's going on. Croc tells Policeman he knows who the killer is and that Policeman must come with him, and they'll solve the crime.

Policeman then comes on telling us that Croc is getting ready to sing a song. Croc then enters and sings a song about Suicidal Industry. The song really has no point to it except that Croc says Suicidal Industry 'is where I'll live and where i'll die', he also mentions that commiting suicide doesn't usually work, which is rather obvious, as Croc hasn't died yet. Croc says he's ready to go to the Bar and shouts 'Change Scene!' Percy then drags a big sign saying Bar on it onto the stage. Croc and the Director (Who is only heard) have a discussion which involves them saying 'we're not supposed to see this bit!' and 'turn the camera off' to which Croc replies that he doesn't know how. Percy drags a glass on it and drinks from it before exitting.

Croc then moves the sign to reveal a mouse. The mouse sees Croc and says 'ooh helloo, what's your name?' in an irish accent. Croc then chases the mouse offstage. Policeman appears saying 'Oh I'm in a bar, right' and goes on about being in a bar until Red appears in red hood. Policeman sees her, but doesn't realise who it is until he pulls off her hood.

Part 2 Edit

This part opens with Red's hood being pulled off, to which Red says 'Ok so it was me, I decided not to die, I just put a prop of myself, I mean I could never die could I?' Red then exits, while Policeman says 'Hang on, you're supposed to be dead, who was that then? There are some straneg people about'. The opening titles feature a reprise of Suicidal Industry sung by Croc, who appears when the titles finish. Croc asks 'Where's the mouse gone?' and then leaves. The mouse then appears and hides behind the cup, until Croc appears and it runs off followed by Croc. Croc keeps running after the mouse until they run into each other scream and exit. Croc and the mouse then fight over the large cherry glass, before Croc questions it.

Mousy tells Croc he's the head of Suicidal Industry and when Croc asks how many members are there, Mousy tells him there are 3 and that all the others killed themselves. Croc reveals that they are the only 3 who don't succeed, Croc then asks where the Dinosaur is. Mousy tells him that he's in the bar and Croc soon finds it. Croc tells it that he will kill it. The Dinosaur then tells us that he killed Croc, before Percy appears and thumps it, knocking it to the ground. The blowing wind noise can then be heard and Croc's voice can be heard saying 'Shut it Tumbleweed!'

Policeman then appears saying 'Ello, Ello, Ello, what's going on here? ooh yeah I've just been here'. Granny then appears telling Policeman he's the Waitress here, Granny then starts to kiss Policeman who tells her to get off. They then exit and Policeman appears with the Dinosaur's body. Granny's voice then shouts 'You're my hero!'

We are then back in the village, where Policeman and Croc are arguing over who found the Dinosaur dead. Croc reveals that nobody died, that Mousy is off to the Carribbean, Mousy says 'yes Holiday!' and Croc also reveals that the Dinosaur will be in prison by the time he wakes up. Judy, Punch and Woolfy appear and Judy says she was just asleep. Red then appears and drops her hood on the Dinosaur, saying that she wants it to think she killed it. Percy then appears asking if he gets any credit, and Red replies that he does, they both exit before Red appears and takes her hood back.


General Facts Edit

  • Policeman makes his second appearance in this episode after absences in episode 1 and 3. He appears in every episode after this.
  • This is the second part of a double episode, the first being the Murders.
  • This episode was entirely made by Zebdeesvids, but featured Paul's voice for Policeman, Mousy and a brief role for Judy.
  • Woody only features very briefly as a dead body, at the funeral and in Croc's song.
  • Most of the other characters only appear in small roles except Policeman, Croc, Red, Percy and Mousy.
  • Mousy is the second guest star to appear in the Puppets.
  • Percy is the first minor recurring character, who appears in the Puppets.
  • The song 'Suicidal Industry' appears twice in the episode, once in part 1 and then as the music for the opening titles in part 2.
  • This episode is the last to feature the original closing credits, which appear in part 2. Although it is an extended version featuring Mousy, the Dinosaur and Percy.
  • Paul's voice also appears as a character which seems to resemble a director-type person.