Episode 3 The Murders


Series 1 Episode 3 The Murders

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The Dinosaur


I'm the Best Sung by Woody
Ding Dong Judy's Dead Sung by Red and Granny
I'm the Best Excerpt - End Credits Part 1
Murder About Town - Deleted Song - Sung by Croc and Granny

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The Murders is the 3rd episode of the Puppets. It was filmed by Zebdeesvids, but Paul helped provided the voice for Judy. It is the first episode to feature guest stars, the Dinosaur. It is the first of a double episode, with the second being Suicidal Industry. This is also the first episode to be split into two parts.

Cast Edit

Judy: Voiced by Paul

Woody: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Red: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Punch: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Croc: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Woolfy: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Granny: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

The Dinosaur: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Story Edit

Part 1 Edit

After the introductory 'The Puppets Ha', Judy enters saying 'I'm going through a mid-life crisis'. Woody then appears telling Judy to shut up because he is going to sing a song. He starts singing 'I'm the Best'. Judy doesn't like it at first but she slowly starts to likely saying 'It's a catchy song' and then 'the temptation!' When Woody ends the song Judy snogs him, holds him in the air then drops him offstage. A strange dinosaur then appears and Judy wonders whether it's Croc's brother, it then attacks her with its mouth. She starts screaming, saying lines like 'What have I ever done to you, except hit you a couple of times in this fight!' The Dinosaur then leaves leaving Judy dead on the floor.

Red then appears singing 'I'm loving angels instead!' until she spots Judy, then she sings 'Ding Dong Judy's dead!' as she hates Judy. Woody then appears and Red says Judy's dead 'isn't it great?' Red suggests they take her to the police station and blame it on Croc, as she doesn't like him either. Woody and Red pick Judy up, but drop her as Woody cut his hand on her blouse. The Dinosaur then appears and drags Judy offstage. Croc then appears as wind is heard blowing, Croc says 'Tumbleweed!' and then 'Suicide!' before saying he can smell blood and that it wasn't him! He says there must be someone else 'Suicidal' around here.

Woody then returns to find Judy is gone and he calls Red, and tells her he saw Croc. Red is pleased about this. We then return to the Dinosaur who has dropped Judy onto the stage. Punch then appears, which scares off the Dinosaur. Punch tells Judy she smells of dead and asks if its to turn him on. He then realises that Judy is dead, Red then appears behind him and sees Punch holding Judy. Punch then leaves with Judy.

Red returns telling us that Punch murdered Judy. Woody then returns and Red tells him that they will still blame it on Croc. Red says that Punch just didn't like Judy, and that nobody likes Judy because she's a cow. Woody then replies saying 'Yeah cos you're not a cow' then coughs. Red thinks Woody just has a cough. Woody tries to get away from Red saying that he's going to buy some cough medicine, but she keeps pulling him back. She finally stops and exits and Woody is relieved until he is dragged down by the dinosaur. Red then returns wondering where Woody has gone. Woody and the Dinosaur are then seen having a fight and the Dinosaur leaves with Woody in his jaws.

Punch enters telling Judy's lifeless body that he has to prove to Granny that she's not a useless wife. Granny then appears and she is happy to see that Judy is dead, singing 'Ding Dong Judy's dead!' as Red had done earlier. Punch then asks if it was her, Granny then slaps him saying 'No!' Granny then slaps Punch again before saying that she should take Judy to Policeman as Granny loves Policeman. Punch replies saying 'She's my wife'. Granny tells him they should just bury her and not trouble anyone. Punch says she disgusts him and exits with Judy. Granny says 'Ah well!' The Dinosaur then drops Woody back on stage.

Part 2 Edit

Part 2 opens with 'The Puppets Ha' then the Dinosaur is seen with Woody's dead body. The Dinosaur leaves Woody's body onstage and exits. Red then appears saying Woody is smelly so she doesn't like him anymore. When Red realises he's dead she tries to resusitate him. Red says she loves Woody. The Dinosaur then appears and Red realises he's the murderer. They then get into a fight with Red screaming 'Get off my hand!' and 'Get off my hair!' Red then Super-Slaps the Dinosaur but he just returns fighting. Red then grabs Woody and then the Dinosaur grabs Woody. Red super-slaps the dinosaur using Woody and the Dinosaur leaves. Red is then grabbed from beneath by the dinosaur as Woody was ealier. The Dinosaur then grabs Woody and takes him offstage. Red then appears breathing heavily and the dinosaur throws Woody on top of her, leaving them in a pile.

Woolfy then appears, sees Red and Woody dead and howls. Punch then appears still carrying Judy telling her theirs some more dead people to play with. Woolfy then returns and he and Punch hug, crying, and asking each other what are they going to do.

The Credits then come on featuring Policeman even though he didn't appear in the episode.

Continuity Edit

General Facts Edit

  • This is the 3rd episode of the Puppets.
  • This is the second episode not to feature Policeman, but he still appears in the complete closing credits of part 2.
  • The episode plot mostly revolves around Red and Woody, with Punch taking a secondary role and the other characters only appearing briefly, except Judy who appears throughout the episode, but she is dead for most of it.
  • The Song 'Murder About Town' was created after the episode was made, but was based on the episode. It makes an appearance in the closing credits of Have You Heard The News? And it appears on the Puppets Soundtrack.
  • The Song 'I'm the Best' is sung by Woody and later appears in the closing credits of part 1, again sung by Woody.
  • This is the first episode to be split into two parts. It is also the first episode to be part of a double episode, so really its more of a four parter.
  • The episode was filmed entirely by Zebdeesvids, and most of the voices were by him too, due to Paul being unavailable. Paul did, however, provide the voice for Judy in the first part of the episode.
  • The Dinosaur is the first guest star ever to appear in the Puppets.