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The Puppets is a youtube series based on a group of Puppets.


Series 1 - The first series of the Puppets, featuring the 8 main cast members, and introducing Percy, Giraffe and Zebra as recurring characters, and guest starring Mousy and the Dinosaur.

The Christmas Special - The Christmas Special featured the aftermath of the Series 1 final, with Judy and Granny making their way to heaven, and Punch and Woolfy deciding whether or not to leave. Guest starring Minnie, God, Pluto and the Dinosaur with Pluto staying in the Village.

Series 2 - The second series was planned, with the story arc of Granny's twin. It would feature the return of Red, Woody, Minnie and the Dinosaur, with Judy and Granny appearing throughout the episode in mini-scenes in heaven, before properly appearing, sent by God, in the final. The Series went into production with Episode 1 being filmed, and nearly finished, and the first scenes of Episode 2 done. But unfortunately, Zebdeesvids' computer crashed, so all Puppets files were lost and the camera and software failed to work.

Audio Series - After the failure of the camera, an audio puppets Series was put into production, based on Series 2. And the first episode was recorded, but never released.

Ghosts and Crocodiles - The first audio special of the Puppets, released Christmas 2009, featured all the Puppets in the village, with Judy and Triceratops up in heaven, and Granny being sent down to Earth as a ghost after she insulted God. Guest starring Count Crocodile, and Croc's new girlfriend Crocella, along with the Barmaid of the Bar, the Special had quite a large cast. And it became the first Puppets video to be posted since the last Christmas Special, and until the New Puppets Series.

Audio Movie - The Puppets Audio Adventure was to be a special audio edition of the Puppets, based in Series 1, when all the cast were still alive and around, and there were talks of more audio episodes based before the Series 1 finale, along with talks about continuing the Puppets Series 2 Audio, but in the end nothing was released.

The New Puppet Series - The New Puppet Series, was the first filmed Puppets Story for 2 whole years, since the 2008 Christmas Special. It would feature most of the original characters, but from different backgrounds, as it would be a way for the series to start afresh, it was based in a different universe, where the Puppets had led completely different lives, and were treated as outcasts, so they came together and formed a village. This was the first Series to be scripted.