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This wiki is all about the Puppets, a youtube series made by Zebdeesvids. There will soon be loads of pages for you to read including character pages, episode guides and more!

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ThePuppets NewsEdit

  • The New Puppets Series is soon to start on Zebdeesvids Channel, Episode 1 and 2 have been scripted and are to be filmed shortly
  • The Puppets Series 2 is to be discontinued for forseeable future.
  • Puppets Audio Series is Suspended
  • Part 4 is now up on Zebdeesvids.
  • Part 3 of Ghosts and Crocodiles is now up on Zebdeesvids' youtube account!
  • The Puppets Christmas Special 2009 is being published on Zebdeesvids' youtube account. Part 1 has been uploaded today, Part 2 will be up tomorrow.
  • The Puppets Wiki now has over 50 pages thanks to the new Specials page.
  • The Puppets may return for a 5-6 part audio movie/series, which will have a continuous storyline. More info can be found here.
  • The Puppets will return for an audio Christmas Special at Christmas 2009, called Ghosts and Crocodiles. It has started Production today on 5.10.09
  • Red is to release her first album, with many old and new songs on it! Look at it here.
  • Possible audio Puppet series, read more here.
  • The Puppets Series 2 will not be out for a while due to software not working.