The Village in the Puppets has a name, but it is either bleeped out or not mentioned on screen.

Information Edit

Location Edit

The Village is found near the town of Med-Rare. It is in the countryside in England, probably in the West Midlands. There is a wood near the village, with many berry bushes. There is a town a few miles away, where Croc often goes to for his Suicidal Industry meetings.

Inhabitants Edit

The village's inhabitants are:











and many other unknown inhabitants.

What's there? Edit

There are several houses, one which is home to Punch, Judy and Woolfy. Another is home to Granny, another is home to Croc and another is home to Giraffe and ZebraRed owns a bungalow by the village Green. Also by the village green is the Police Station, where Policeman lives and works, Woody also comes to stay here. There is also a Doctor's Surgery, where Percy works and lives. There is a General Stores, a post office and a telephone box in the village too. On the village green, the market is held every two weeks and the Village Fete is held there once a year. There is a large field nearby, which is where stages are put up whenever an event is on.