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The Wedding Story

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Here Comes the Bride

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Introduction Edit

The Wedding Story is the second episode of the Puppets and it is narrated by Judy. This episode was the first to go into production by Zebdeesvids and Paul, and it was also the only story to feature Jess. It was also meant to be first, so some scenes, such as the scene when Red tells us about Croc, seem like they should've been in the first episode. It was pushed into the second episode slot, after Exercise was finished first and needed to be released before Sport Relief. This episode features the first appearances of Policeman, Woolfy and at the end, Woody.

Cast Edit

In order of appearance:

Judy: Voiced by Paul

Woolfy: Voiced by Jess and then Zebdeesvids

Punch: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Red: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Croc: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Granny: Voiced by Jess and then Zebdeesvids

Policeman: Voiced by Paul

Woody: Voiced by Zebdeesvids

Story Edit

Judy begins the episode by telling us she's going to tell us a story. Woolfy then appeared saying 'how I was born!', to which Judy replied 'maybe later'. Judy then tells us she's going to tell us about her wedding to Punch, who then turned up. Judy then leaves quickly, just before Red arrives. Punch and Woolfy then leave as Red tells us she's hiding from Croc. Croc then appears with what looks like a large party popper, saying 'Suicide, Suicide Suicide'. Red is then grabbed by Croc who blows up his 'bomb', blasting them both offstage. Granny then appears wondering what's been going on before saying 'Oh no it's the evil lady who married my Punch!'

Judy comes on and the screen goes into black and white, as we go into the past. Croc then appears with a strange afro, singing 'Suicide, yeah!!!'. Granny then appears telling Judy shes ruining Granny and Punch's life, and that she shouldn't marry Punch. Red then enters saying that she wants to marry Punch, Granny's reply to this is 'Maybe Later'. Judy argues and then whacks Granny.

Policeman is then introduced saying 'Ello, Ello, Ello, what's going on here?' Punch then appears and talks to Policeman about being nervous about the wedding and that his mum is causing problems. Just then Judy arrives saying 'I'm going through a mid-life crisis', before kissing Punch, to which Policeman tells them off. Judy then leaves and Punch tells Policeman that he's gotta be the Vicar at Punch and Judy's wedding.

The Wedding then comes around. Policeman tells Punch he is confused about the 'I poos'. Granny then appears telling Punch he can't marry Judy, but Punch tells her to go away. Punch says 'Mothers are always like this', to which Policeman mentions his mum was like that too, Punch is surprised and asks 'you're married' as Judy and Croc arrive. The Wedding March begins to play but it then turns into the Simpson's Theme Tune. Policeman begins the service, but when he asks if anyone wishes to object, Red bursts in. She gets into a fight with Judy, then Croc joins in. Croc then throws Red offstage shouting 'SUICIDE!'. Punch and Judy then kiss.

We are then taken back to the present where Judy says she may tell us how she and Punch had children, to which Woolfy is very happy. Judy then decides not to tell us this and Woolfy is sad and exits. Punch then appears and Judy exits with him. Woody enters and greets Policeman, who is his Uncle. Woody asks Policeman if there are any hot babes around here to which Policeman mentions Granny's name, who then appears and exits with Policeman. Red then enters moaning that she should have married Punch, she then spots Woody and they go off together.

Continuity Edit

General Facts Edit

  • This is the second episode of the Puppets and it is the first to feature Woody, Woolfy and Policeman.
  • This episode is the only episode to feature Jess, who helped for the first part of the episode and voiced Granny and Woolfy for the first part of the episode.
  • This episode was originally going to be episode 1, but Exercise replaced it as it was finished and needed to be released before Sport Relief.
  • There is a flashback sceen in this episode. The only other episode so far to have a flashback scene is in Episode 6, Have You Heard The News?
  • An extended version of the wedding march titled 'Here Comes the Bride' appears on the Puppets soundtrack, with Judy and Red singing.