First Appearance

Series 1Episode 2:The Wedding Story

Last Regular Appearance

The Disease of Med-Rare

Famous Phrase

'I'm the Best!'

Spouse (ex-spouse)





Uncle - Policeman

Woody is one of the main characters in the Puppets. He has a slight american accent, he is voiced by Zebdeesvids. He does not actually live in the village, but he stays with his Uncle, Policeman. His interests are 'being the best at everything', 'cutting down trees' and 'going out with hot babes'. He first appears in The Wedding Story.

Woody's Story Edit

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Woody's early life, except that he was born to Policeman's sister.


Woody came to stay with Policeman at the end of Episode 2 in Series 1. He asks Policeman if there are any hot babes around to which Policeman replies 'Granny'. Granny then appears and takes Policeman offstage. Red then appears moaning about not marrying Punch, until she sees Woody and takes him offstage.

Murder, Murder, Murder! Edit

In Episode 3, Woody sings a song to prove he's just as musical as Red. He sings it in front of Judy, who at first doesn't like it but at the end of the song she snogs Woody and drops him offstage, as he says 'I'm gonna faint'. Red later calls for Woody when she finds that Judy has been killed. They decide to take her to Policeman, but as they lift her up, Woody cuts her hand so they leave. Red returns and sees Punch with Judy. Red presumes that Punch killed Judy because she's a cow. Woody then replies sarcastically that Red isn't a cow, before fake coughing. Red thinks he actually has a cough, so Woody uses an excuse of getting cough medicine to try and get away from her. When Red finally leaves, Woody is attacked by a Dinosaur that had earlier killed Judy. Red finds Woody dead and she tries to bring him back to life, but she is attacked and killed too.

In Episode 4, Woody appears as a dead body at the beginning. Croc talks about Woody in his song and Croc and Policeman later catch the Dinosaur. It turns out that Judy, Red and Woody didn't die, but they were in some kind of deep sleep, caused by the Dinosaur.