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The Wedding Story

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The Christmas Special



Woolfy is one of the main characters in the Puppets. He was originally voiced by Jess, but Zebdeesvids voiced her for a couple of episodes and Paul currently voices him. Woolfy is the son of Punch and Judy, which is strange as Woolfy as a wolf, yet his parents are human. Woolfy first appeared in episode 2 of Series 1 and he has appeared in every episode since.

Woolfy's Life Edit

Early Life Edit

Woolfy was born to Judy and Punch about a year after their marriage. Woolfy grew up in the village making friends with Croc and becoming scared of Red.

The Wedding and the murders Edit

In the Wedding Story, Judy announced that she was going to tell us a story, Woolfy wanted Judy to tell him how he was born. Judy told him later before coughing 'never'. After Judy had finished the story she said she may tell us how they had children to which Woolfy was pleased, Judy then decided not to do it.

In Episode 3, The Murders, Woolfy finds Red and Woody dead and howls. Punch arrives with Judy, who has also been killed. Punch and Woolfy hug and cry, while wondering what they are going to do. In Episode 4, Punch and Woolfy are at the funeral of Judy, Red and Woody. Policeman and Croc catch the killer, who turns out to be a Dinosaur. It turns out that none of them had really died, and Woolfy appeared at the end with Punch and Judy, who was now alive again.